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General Questions

  • What is Cysae?

    We are a group of young lawyers and technologists offering a new way to provide legal services. Our main objective is to work side by side with our client in order to optimize the legal and development aspects that take place in the daily life of the company.

  • What is Legaltech?

    Although the concept of Legaltech is not new, there are only a few real initiatives in our country that integrate software and legal services.

    We could define Legaltech as any software that allows to obtain a better efficiency in the provision of legal services without losing any of its quality.

    The use of such a software can benefit both the lawyer, speeding up the process of creating documentation and searching for information, and the client him- or herself, removing the necessity of going to the lawyer for any legal issue.

Questions about our services

  • What services do we offer?

    Our services can be divided into two trademarks that can work together if the client’s necessities require them: Data protection, technological contracting, advising on the application of new technologies (e.g. Blockchain):

    • Legal Services: Data protection, technological draft contracts, new technology application advice (Blockchain, ICO’s, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data…), enterprise creation, shareholders’ agreements, copyright, trademark registration… Do not hesitate contacting us if you need information on any of these services.
    • Development Services: Our engineers have extensive experience in developing software on different platforms: CRM, Web, Solidity…
  • Why bring together lawyers and engineers?

    Why not? This combination allows us speak the same language our client does and develop tools at the same time providing the knowledge of both parts.

Questions about Blockchain

  • What is an ICO? Can I make an ICO in Spain?

    An ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is an offer of securities (tokens or crypto currencies) to finance a project. These tokens grant a set of rights to the investor in exchange for the money invested.

    ICO’s, therefore, are similar to traditional IPO’s (Initial Public Offering) which are quoted on regulated markets supervised by the CNMV in Spain.

    In Spain, ICO’s can be performed. The fact that none have been made to date does not mean they are illegal, but that bureaucratic requirements and the time that would be required to invest them in Spain keeps promoters away from them, and they prefer to implement them through more permissive countries such as Switzerland, Estonia or Gibraltar.

    There is only one way to get an ICO without the publication of a prospectus: the exceptions of article 35 of the Securities Market Law (Ley del Mercado de Valores). Some of these exceptions that allow avoiding the bureaucracy of the securities market (LMV) are 1) ICO’s that seek to collect less than 5 million euros, 2) those targeted to less than 150 investors or 3) those aimed at qualified investors.

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